Kristian Grant was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI in the heart of District 82. She has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to public service and community building. During that time she has founded organizations, volunteered for causes she believes in, started business, and invested in the growth of the Grand Rapids community. Kristian lives in the heart of the district and prides herself in staying close to the community she serves.

One common thread that Kristian realized in her work is that although grass-root work is absolutely necessary to change communities, policy at higher levels from officials who are invested in their districts and the communities within them is essential to create change. Kristian holds a BA in Social Relations & Policy from James Madison College, an honors college at Michigan State University.

Kristian plans to be a representative for District 82 that is connected to her district and who can represent the residents effectively through supporting policy and partnerships that create change. She has a proven track record of:

  • Being an effective leader
  • Making hard decisions
  • Working hard in her community with other leaders to create positive change
  • Being responsive to constituents







In 2016 Kristian joined the Grand Rapids Public School Board as the youngest member to be elected, but my commitment to education began long before then. As a GRPS student Kristian created mentoring programs for GRPS students. As a college student she was able to bring hundreds of Lansing high school students to the MSU campus for the first time. After college Kristian returned home to create programming for teen moms in GRPS. Her goal has always been to provide tools, access, and exposure for students who are brilliant but often overlooked.


Since then she has been a fierce supporter of public education. Kristian served as President for the board of education through two groundbreaking years including the hiring of a new Superintendent, and the beginning of Covid. She supported the creation of a Grand Rapids Promise Zone that allows all students in Grand Rapids to receive a free associates degree, and many other initiatives.


Kristian looks forward to continuing to create policy that funds education as a priority in Michigan, keeps our children safe, and encourages innovation among other things at the state level.


Grand Rapids is experiencing a very real housing shortage. Fighting for housing that is affordable and comfortable for residents in this district is a top priority for Kristian. During a global pandemic, Kristian believes that families deserve to have a home that is safe, clean, and affordable. She also believes it is important to create pathways for families to have access to ownership opportunities. 

Kristian is dedicated to working with colleagues in the legislature, as well as at the local level to find solutions to housing that provide residents with viable options. Currently in her work Kristian is supporting several projects that would look to meet these needs for community members



The Southern district in Grand Rapids is home to many key business districts and communities. As larger companies see growth, we want to make sure there is infrastructure and incentives for the  local businesses that have worked hard to survive and support our city for years. This district has amazing diversity and culture, much of  which can be seen through the businesses and organizations that thrive here. In the global and regional economy support at the state level from a representative that is engaged is essential.

As a local business owner, Kristian understands what it means to build a business from the ground up and how important it is to have support from the city and state. She has supported intentional economic development strategies that support communities through my work on the boards of Southtown CID, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., SmartZone and others. Kristian looks forward to identifying policies and initiatives on the state level that will work to create wealth, careers, and a better quality of life for residents on a larger scale.



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