We are building a legendary team.

come be a part of it!

The race for 2022 House of Representatives is well under way. We are running a strong campaign, but to make it across the finish line we need YOU!


These internship position run through the end of August 2022, with the opportunity to extend it through the fall semester. This seat will have a very important primary August 2, 2022 and general election voting November 8, 2022.


We have a serious but exciting battle in front of us, but we WILL win! Be a part of the team that gets the first woman in this district EVER elected to State House. Once we reach the house we will need a permanent team in place and hope to create it out of the amazing interns that helped to make it possible and who are familiar with the district we serve.


This position includes a stipend of $600 that covers through the end of August. Once we are past primaries, another stipend will be offered for team members who stay through general election.

TIME COMMITMENT: We are looking for a comminment of 40 hours a month. This includes two weekly team meetings- one in person, one through zoom. Meetings will be scheduled to meet the teams availability.


To express your interest applicants must at minimum be high school graduates. Click the link below to complete a quick form and we will contact you soon. For any questions send a note to CONTACT@ELECTKRISTIANGRANT.COM

Campaign field manager

Our field manager will be the heart of our on the ground campaign. This position focuses on strategy, campaign goals, and overall coordination. They work closely with the campaign manager.


communication & media manager

This position will have a love for all things PR and communications. They will find meaningful  opportunities to connect with different audiences and constituents. They will also craft messaging for all campaign stakeholders and audiences including speeches, press releases, articles, mailers, and more.


volunteer & event coordinator

This coordinator will manage and create events that connect the team with constituents. They will also recruit volunteers, coordinate volunteer efforts, and maintain volunteer relationships. 


social media specialist

This position will work closely with the communication team by taking their messaging and strategically sharing it across social media platforms. They will also work with the event team to share their event content and recaps out with constituents.